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Monday, July 30, 2012

30 July 2012


This was probably the best summer day I could have asked for. My friend Liv and I took a long walk through one of our favorite ocean-front towns, and took today's blog pictures in this lovely park. The weather was absolutely perfect. We treated ourselves to a new pair of jeans each (mine are white skinnies with ankle zippers), dinner at a nearby restaurant, and some soft serve coconut ice cream- yum! I am definitely looking forward to more wonderful summer afternoons like this one.

Shirt: Zenana Outfitters
Skirt: Billabong
Sandals: Charlotte Russe (they actually belong to Liv)
Tote: Vera Bradley

Sunday, July 29, 2012

TWITTER- brand new!!

Please follow me on Twitter @noteable_chic :) I just set up the account, and I will be using it to keep everyone updated about new posts! *I will be following back*
See you there! xoxo

Inspiration- Ombre and Brightly Colored Hair

Brightly colored hairstyles are so much fun! They allow you to express your style in so many different ways. Today's inspiration comes from bright colors and the ombre technique. The first photograph is my favorite. I just adore the color palette, and if I were to dye my hair in an ombre style, I think those colors would be great. If I didn't use those colors, though, I would either try sea foam/teal or deep burgundy.
For anyone who is wondering 'What exactly is ombre?', it is actually a French word which means graduating or shading. It is a hair color technique in which the hair at the top of the head fades gradually into a different color, with no drastic transition line. What I like most about this style is that it looks really cool with almost any color combination. You can go wild, or keep it more natural. 
Would you try an ombre style? Or bright, vibrant colors? Or maybe both? 
I would love to hear your ideas!!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

28 July 2012

SMOOTH SAILING- feature on Revlon nail enamel

It's time for a feature on some of my favorite beauty products! When it comes to nail polish, the best products I own are made by Revlon.  I love their nail polishes because they apply so smoothly, and last longer than some of the other brands I own. (Sally Hansen makes a 10 Day No-Chip nail color, but in my experience it only lasts about 2 days before chipping.)

 917 Plum Seduction, 766 Plum Baby, 235 Twinkled Pink, 762 Plum Attraction

480 Autumn Berry, 013 Sheer Innocence, 740 Get Reddy

These are mini nail polishes. They are so adorable, only .25 oz. 
Butterfly, Waterfall, Tulip, Sparkle, Moss, Garden

In addition to nail polish, the Revlon products that I use are their Under-Eye Concealer, eye shadow palette, and foundation. 
Colorstay Under-Eye Concealer SPF 15 in Medium, 12 Hour Eye Shadow in 01 Copper Spice, Colorstay Makeup in 240 Medium Beige

I really like the foundation and concealer. They blend well and are very comfortable to wear. The eye shadow looks nice but the texture is not very smooth compared to other shadows I use, such as my cherished Lancome eye shadow palette. 

I will be happy to answer any questions about my experience with these products. I hope you have a wonderful Saturday!

*Which polish is your favorite?

Thursday, July 26, 2012

26 July 2012


I think this bag is so adorable. The size does not make it the most functional purse in the world, but it is fine if you just need to take a few essentials on your journey. This blouse also happens to be one of my favorites, because I love the sea foam color. 

Blouse & tank top: Forever 21
Jeans: H &M
Sandals: Mila Paoli
Pearl bracelet: thrifted

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

24 July 2012

This park is so beautiful. It is one of my favorite places to go in the summer, because there are so many paths to explore. My best friend and I were lucky to escape the thunder storm which came not too long after we left.
The necklace I'm wearing was made by a friend of my former Pastor's, in Kenya. It has always held special value to me because I love to think about the way he had it sent all the way to me. 
Enjoy this beautiful summery day!

blouse, shorts, shoes, and hat: Forever 21

Monday, July 23, 2012

23 July 2012


My best friend does not give herself enough credit as a photographer. She took these lovely photos of me in her yard this afternoon. I've missed this blog a lot, and I decided that now that I have my own computer it's time to start posting again!
Yesterday I picked up this denim skirt at a clothing sale at a neighbor's house. Foolishly, I did not try it on before I bought it, but I found that it fits just fine when worn with a belt and a tucked-in shirt. I will be posting much more often from now on!

shirt: Maggie & Max
skirt: Abercrombie and Fitch
belt: Forever 21
wedges: American Eagle